About Us

Doors Depot is a 100% Australian owned family business which offers exceptional service and attention to detail.

We have more than 30 years experience in door manufacturing producing quality timber doors including an extensive range of Solid Hardwood Doors and Solid Engineered Timber Doors.

Because we own our manufacturing facility our quality is always guaranteed. We manufacture using modern machinery with the latest technology and systems to produce contemporary designs and a comprehensive range of timber doors. We are capable to manufacture large volumes to meet customer demand.

We source only high quality materials and selected environmentally friendly timbers in the manufacture of our products. In addition, we can manufacture other timber products on request.

Our products are available Australia wide through selected hardware and building supply stores.


All Doors manufactured by Doors Depot Pty Ltd are warranted to be of good quality workmanship and material, free from defects which render them unfit or unserviceable to use for two(2) years from the date of shipment by Doors Depot Pty Ltd or its agents.

Doors Depot Pty Ltd subjects to it Terms and Conditions of sale agrees to replace at its option, unfinished and without any charge, any door found to be defective within the meaning of this warranty

Adequate Overhead Protection

Terms & Conditions of Sale

•Natural variations of colour and texture of the timber are not to be considered defects.  Minor shrinking and swelling of components particularly raised panels, is a normal characteristic of timber which varies with seasonal humidity conditions and is not considered a defect.

 •Doors are to be accorded reasonable treatment by the purchaser and should be stored or hung in a dry building and not in damp, moist or freshly plastered areas.  

•The structural strength of the Door shall not be impaired in fitting the Door, application of Hardware, Cutting (Doors shall only be trimmed to Manufacturer’s recommended maximum amount) or Altering the Door.  Fitting Locks or Hardware to Stile and Rail Joints is to be avoided.

 •Upon arrival, Doors must be inspected for any visible defects before hanging or applying 1ST coat of paint/stain or varnish finish.

 •Notice must be given within 7 (seven) days of delivery of any defects found to Doors Depot Pty Ltd.

  •Immediately after fitting and prior to hanging, the entire Door including Door Top, Sides and Bottom Edges and at cut outs (for locks, handles or hinges) two coats of paint/stain or varnish must be applied to prevent undue absorption of moisture.

 •Doors Depot Pty Ltd or its Agents cannot be held responsible for any conditions beyond its control, such as variation in Moisture Content of the atmosphere.  (Semi-Gloss or Satin finishes are recommended for all Doors to reduce “show through.”

 •All finishes are to be applied in strict accordance with paint/stain or varnish manufacturer’s instructions. No water base paint on timber veneer door

 •Entrance and Exterior Doors should be finished in light reflective colours to reduce the risk of heat absorption which may cause warping or shrinking.   DARK COLOURS  VOID WARRANTY.  Both faces should have similar colours applied.

  •  Entrance Doors should be hung in weather protected area with loose beading face externally.Regular inspection and maintenance should be undertaken to prevent deterioration

•Doors Depot Pty Ltd will not assume responsibility for Doors which become defective due as a result of failing to follow these recommendations after Doors leave the control of Doors Depot Pty Ltd.  

•Doors Depot Pty Ltd is not liable to reimburse any purchaser for Doors repaired or replaced without prior written consent.  As set out in Australian Standards AS 2688 (1984 – Timber Doors), a warp not exceeding 5mm shall not be considered a defect.  Nothing contained herein shall exclude the rights which any purchaser may have as a result of any obligations imposed on manufacturers and suppliers by the Trade Practices Act or similar State and Territory Laws.